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November 14, 2012

The Hierarchy of Rights (introduction)

In the back chambers, they are meeting up to decide what they are going to serve to the public.

From here on forward, the surveillance is omni present. People are embracing it blindly.

People indeed die. From 5 fronts to 11, the Obamanoids deny it.

The time to rise from the rubble: soon.

What makes people think that Texas will just roll over and let the feds take back one of their most redeemable traits, especially considering Texes exports more than it imports, thus meaning that, at this time, economically, Texas really doesn't owe the rest of the US anything.

October 10, 2012

Remember the crucial scene where Mowgli quickly ties a burning brunch to Shere-Khans tail while he is distracted? Afterwards the tiger runs away in panic. This is the disney version, in other versions Shere-Khan is killed by Mowgli. Anyway, consider this basic scenario: Human boy, about 10 year old, raised in the jungle by wolfes, vs. adult tiger.

October 6, 2012

Saturday Morning Clouds

The school day, their asked to supervise.
Meeting mandates, i'm just asking to clear the bones of contention.

More, more, and more we are asked to cut corners in our own lives to give to the machine running the show who in turn, quite frankly, steals it from us with the promise of "investing for tomorrow".

As I grow older, I feel practical applications to my knowledge I have put together over the years. With still much to learn, I realize this: they have us waiting. It's a constant waiting game. Waiting on their word, on the actions of others to get the ball rolling to have it ultimately land into your lap.

They can't even afford to keep the street lights on at night in Detroit anymore. If it was crime central before then I certainly would hate to see the numbers now.

Every dent and blow to the machine leaves the operators testy. We are about to take the reigns, by force.

October 1, 2012

Let's make a habit out of this again.

Since 1994, Netanyahu has been saying that Iran is "months away" from being able to produce a nuclear bomb. October 2012, we are still sitting here waiting.

As a 20-something living a hour away from the most dense population center in Canada, the idea of a regime on the other side of the world being able to produce nuclear war heads doesn't leave me with a good feeling. It doesn't leave me afraid, scared, or excited even. IT LEAVES ME WITH NO FEELINGS.

I am more interested in, how my generation is going to make it.

They (our political masters) have their hands to our figurative throats and there is nothing we can do as a society to escape or rise up. Already living in the first world, we are trained from a young age that we have it good and that we should just be happy with what we got...well guess what, i'm not, and my brothers and sisters are lying if they disagree with me.

We are sick of working for minimum wage, eating kraft dinner, and being scammed by the generation above us.....that whom was supposed to help us, put us on a path down the road to destruction completely misleading us. Instead of helping us, like their fore fathers helped them....they are making slaves out of us so those greedy bastards can die as gods on earth. Where is the real God to save the day?

Lord have mercy on us all.

August 8, 2012

God have mercy on us all

We live in an addictive culture where advertising by capitalist corporations subtly and not-so-subtly encourages kids and young and old people to become addicted to sugar, soda, fast food, energy drinks, video games, phones, computers, prescription drugs, cigarettes, alcohol and so on. Why? Because the more units sold, the more profits for the capitalist corporations. Capitalist corporations are literally indifferent to the harm any of these addictions wreak. Their priority is profit, not producing commodities that enhance and enrich our lives.