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July 31, 2013

Sammy's Killer: A 100 Thousand Man

James Forcillo, good ole' boy in blue. a young man whose mother agreed with the notion of her son carrying a blade. Sammy Yatim, as the WWE's "Undertaker" would say: ""

But there can be no peace. Officers in the line of duty, faced with the unthinkable. Forced to draw, and fire. Shoot to kill.

James Bond: License to Kill
Toronto Police: Licensed to Kill

"Dont get off the street car!" a unnamed eye witness accounts. "Dont get off!" Sammy told people, allegedly.

Muddy the waters. Muddy the waters. Paint your own picture.

A city of a million, a million pictures painted. The man pulling the trigger? A sunshine list lord.

Mel Gibson, Lethal Weapon. Engage.

July 17, 2013

"we need to fill their minds with 'facts' that dont matter" - Edward Bernays

Now eat your bacon and eggs together like its always been and immerse yourself in the Trayvon debate that in the end, won't even matter too you.

Let it become the self fulfilling prophecy that it is. 

More! More fuel to the fire! Let more facts "leak" all over the heap of charred corpses that we call society.

While you burn your fellow mans physical shell for riches on earth, i seek to only light brush fires in the minds of men to activate them. Are you going to break the mold and escape the left/right? Or are you going to side with the UN Agenda 21 and squabble about Trayvon for the next weeks to come until another big time senior celebrity bites the bullet to take over the 24/7 news cycle....only you can decide.

July 9, 2013

Smooth Communicators

The establishment is coming in, doing everything they can to try to turn the ship back towards total control.

Stated by the Ford foundation, by the Carnegie endowment, by the United Nations, the club of Rome, the RAND Corporation.

All of them are on record admitting that they want a postindustrial United States. 

They want a form of collectivism where the middle class is enslaved and their money is then transferred to the ultra rich.

Who then portion a small amount of chicken feed to further placate and domesticate the giant howling mob of dumbed down, Prozac taking, alcoholic sports fans.

That's the danger of democracy, as the founders: one of the few subjects they all agreed on unanimously. The second and one of the others was the right to bear arms for the defense of your family against criminals and the state and that democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner.

July 3, 2013

How "Reality" TV Producers Think

Idea/Premise:   A program that puts celebrities who are under the influence of drugs/alcohol on the world stage. Making absolute spectacles of people’s everyday lives is the ideal way to guarantee air time on every medium that would carry us. More so, if nothing happens to these celebrities while the crew films in secret, such situations MUST be fabricated in order to assure constant action that will keep our drooling audience subconsciously craving for more.

Target Audience: Typical fluoride drinking teenagers and those who consume high fructose corn syrup en masse would absolutely love our program whether want too or not. While our main demographic appeals to 12 to 25, we also plan in to reel in the older populations by portioning celebrities that even their generations will remember. Drug users and alcoholics will be fascinated. In state run education lazy teachers will even be able to show these episodes to the class to discourage drug abuse.

Characters: Our two hosts, named Chad and Lexi are complete fakes. We will offer compensation to two low budget actors that are willing to go through plastic surgery to look like incredibly fake superficial gods that nobody will ever be able to relate too. After we give them face lifts, breast implants, muscle implants, ect; On the other side of the fence we have a 200 pound African American male named Jaymal who sets up traps and situations for our unwitting drunk targets.

Casting: Through backroom deals with managers we will know the whereabouts of said celebrity and their agenda. We will move quick to put our plans into action.

Setting: Usually in a bar setting, but where ever our adventures and advertisers take us. From New York to California we are on the tail. We expect situations in bars and clubs to spill out into the street and move out from there.

Appeal to the viewers: People will want to watch this show for two reasons. First off, people have some sort of inane fascination with celebrities and the rich life. Other people honestly could not give a hoot about these people but will enjoy watching because they want to see the ones they hate make fools of themselves.

Budget per episode:   10k – 50k

Budget Justification: The small prices for video and audio recording equipment are the bulk of what operating this show will cost. Other fair slices of cash will go towards transportation by air, drugs and alcohol, backroom deals and editing the final products and putting them together for public consumption.

The Hook: Millions of people will enjoy being lazy watching rich and powerful people stoop to low levels and be at their worst. This show will truly bring out the worst in human nature; but for the better. The greed of some people is disgusting, and using this logic we must appeal to disgusting people. The “low IQ’ers” that we have hooked to the television set will undeniably buy into our programming because we have done this a thousand of times before.