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August 26, 2013

The Diary of a Mad Man

This one is for professor griff and the siemens operatives world wide.

your power system is losing control. seal team six members are questioning the accounts. the whole things fake, the whole thing is a lie. I get emails from my sources telling me that everything is unraveling and pentagon positions are being cleared.

They are doing things that will bring the country down. They are self destructive. It's not just the high and mighty, its the narcissistic culture. A time of insanity where the establishment has the tools of control for everything; except themselves.

I want to open minds, I really do. We must show the duplicity and the corruption of worshiping the state being armed, but we can't be. Enemies of free people everywhere. They are our enemies. I repeat.

They are our enemies. They have already declared war on us.

As tyranny rolls into the country at mach speeds, the cradle of liberty is under assault. It seems apparent that the citizens are staying off the streets, inside on their precious xboxes and playstations, enjoying their nintendos and american idol. This doesn't change anything, even with this year's rule changes. To recap those revisions: women are still worth 10 points more than men in all age brackets to the new world order, but teenagers now rack up 40 points as they are more fertile. There can be no more breeding. Toddlers under 12 now rate a big 70 points. The big score: anyone, any sex, over 75 years old has been upped to 100 points. The coming death panels need the strain to be taken off the system.

Dont you get it? If you stack Soylent Green, Enders Game, and Brave New World ontop of each other then that is exactly where we are going. They have the dump trucks with the scoopers ready, they exist. The children will run the net, and will spy on their parents for the state, the message boards will be official 1 internet ID under Internet 2. The brain syntax, how we think, how we operate will be changed.

Diets, changed. Instincts, change.

Robot reporters will replace mainstream journalists. The newscaster will one day be a cyborg and you won't even know it. See, the AI computers that actually are intelligent: meaning that it can fool you into thinking that its a human. Tens of thousands of companies, link farms, keywords rewriting articles that dont make sense. Stories being written by robots. Government press releases will be re-written.

If you don't tow the line, you won't be given the press releases. A virtual president where its a hologram recording of him. A video simulation. The technology has been held back 30 years from what you know and what they have in the public realm. Everything given to us is a Trojan horse.

Google feeds you what YOU "want" to see. Putting you in your own subgroup where you are in a pool with only your world view.

"The end of humans" decision has been made. You will not be playing volleyball at the beach or watching football games you will be dead.* according to them

the camp followers are not meant to travel to the next level.

OSS black op commander, who wrote space odyssey..what did he tell you? we all take microchips and worship Lucifer at the end of it.

This is what they stand for, this is what they believe in. They don't believe in my expression of humanity, they only believe in there's.

arthur schlesinger, the reality of what we face. the weaponized media of ipads and 24hour TV.

Why do we want to stare into the crystal ball..the interface of a global network....the eye of sauron.

the separation of the gold from the pewter..we are going into the fire, this only the beginning. Are we going to self direct our destiny or are we going to continue to let them run amuck and tack the reigns.

"oh! computers write news articles! oh! holographic president!

the phasing out of reality..taking the false reality and teaching it to the next generation that is reality.

Mind control, you can't escape the screen. The proto-matrix.

See: Wirehead

August 12, 2013

Michael Jordan Steroid Discussion

This thread exists to help facilitate mature and reasonable discussion on what is often a controversial issue. In the past decade questions have been raised from multiple sources about the legitimacy of Jordans physique. Did the ultra competitive Jordan use steroids, HGH or testosterone enhancement to get an advantage? Under the tight media control of David Stern the NBA avoided the performance enhancing drug scandals that plagued Major League Baseball, Football and even cycling; all the while maintaining the weakest testing policy in professional sports. Many people simply asked why the NBA was so scared to test their top athletes if they had nothing to hide, but these questions were ignored.

Now even though many sports heroes from the 1990's like Lance Armstrong, Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire as well as current NBA players like Hedo Turkoglu have admitted to using steroids, that does not necessary mean Michael Jordan abused them as well. This is not a witch hunt, merely a discussion. In this thread we will provide evidence to help the posters reach their own conclusions as to whether Michael Jordan indeed used steroids to help him compete at the highest level.

Michael Jordan's Alleged Descent into Steroid Use:

Michael Jordan was always an elite athlete from his days at UNC and like many basketball players of the era like Dr J and Connie Hawkisn he possessed a strong but slim frame that was considered ideal for a basketball player:

Take notice of the normal sized head, full hairline, and slim arms.

After a championship at UNC and college player of the year honors Michael Jordan dropped out of school to pursue a career in the NBA. He started off his first year very strongly, averaging 28.2 points and winning rookie of the year honors. Within three years he was the leading scorer in the NBA and averaging over 37 points per game. Billboards adorned his name, he received the first ultra lucrative show deal for his Air Jordan sponsorship and was one of the most recognizable basketball players in the world. Then, his career stalled.

Despite his high scoring and crowd pleasing dunks Michael Jordan was not a champion. Larry Bird and Magic Johnson were in the finals almost every year and considered the #1 and #2 players by knowledgeable fans. This was a constant frustration to Jordan who wanted to be the best. As Bird and Johnson got older Michael Jordan (MJ) knew it was his chance to shine. Except one thing stood in his way: the toughest most physical team in the NBA, the Detroit Pistons.

NBA Champion Detroit Pistons

Contrasting to Michael's "Me first" style the Pistons played the game the right way. They passed to the open man, hustled for loose balls, and played solid defense. But above all else they were physically the strongest team in league history. This made them the most dangerous team in the NBA and they won the Eastern Conference almost every year and two Championships. Their biggest strength was also Michael's greatest enemy, a passing and scoring wizard named Isiah Thomas.

NBA's two top guards show mutual respect before a playoff game

Isiah Thomas hated Jordan's selfish style of play. When Jordan was a rookie Isiah tried to impress the need for team play on the ball hogging young Jordan by passing to the other All Stars. This infuriated Jordan who swore revenge in the post season. However every year in the play offs the Pistons proved too strong for the Bulls to overcome. High flying basketball may win games in the regular season but playoff basketball in the 80's was known for strength and physical play. After years of losing, Jordan enlisted the help of controversial trainer Tim Grover in 1989 who immediately told Jordan he needed to bulk up if he wanted to survive a series with the Pistons. Jordan listened.

Secretive Athletic Trainer and Founder of "Attack Athletics" Tim Grover

This is when we believe Jordan was introduced to steroids. As he said to Sports Illustrated that summer:

Michael Jordan posted:

    Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen

Jordan "made it happen" and worked out extremely hard that off season. Hitting the weights everyday, guided by Tim Grover and boosted by his new cocktail of performance enhancing drugs. He entered the season much bulkier, looking more like a power forward than a perimeter player. It's then we start seeing the first effects of steroid use: Hair loss.

Jordan experiencing rapid hair loss after first summer of alleged steroid use

Fellow players were shocked when they saw Jordan who at 27 completely changed his body from the first 26 years of his life. Some claim this was just from a new training regiment while others feel this is the most stunning proof of performance enhancement. Whatever Jordan did worked, and his new strength made him impossible to defend. Combined with the emergence of the Chicago Bulls role players Jordan won three straight tainted championships from 91-93. However, steroids were slowly changing Jordan as a person. He began fighting with team mates, saying profanities on the basketball court in front of young fans and developed a crippling gambling addiction that likely stemmed from the same addictive personality disorder that led him to steroid abuse. This is known in gym circles as typical "roid rage" and was documented in the best selling novel, The Jordan Rules.

Then came the next chapter of his life, he suddenly retired and played baseball. This also put him into one of the most steroid infused club houses in professional sports, the Chicago White Sox farm system.

Jordan batting .202 for the Birmingham Barons during the hayday of Baseball's steroid era

It was here that the student became the teacher. Surrounded by minor league players who were desperate to succeed, Jordan introduced them to Tim Grover's advanced steroid cycles. Players like Chris Snopek, Matt Karchner, Steve Gajkowski, Chris Tremie, Doug Brady and Larry Thomas all took Jordan's lessons seriously and were able to make it to the Major Leagues a few years later. Karchner in particular became Jordan's apostle for many years, spreading steroid secrets to the Chicago Cubs. Having a crisis of conscience he later exposed steroids in the locker room, though he protected Jordan


    He also told baseball investigator George J. Mitchell that one of the players had injected the steroids into the other player's buttocks, and then injected them into his own body. Karchner would not identify the players. He also declined to identify the names of Cubs teammates whom he said had offered him steroids.

Unable to make it in the majors and two years removed from making an NBA income, Jordan decided to return to the NBA for one last run.

Now bald and noticeably bulkier Michael Jordan upon returning to the NBA in 1996

Jordan returned for the end of the 1995 season and realized his team had changed. They were still good, but they weren't strong enough to win a championship. They were eliminated in the playoffs and that summer Jordan vowed to not let it happen again. For the first time he was going to reveal his training secrets to two select teammates: Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman.

Pippen and Rodman were two very thin but very active and athletic players prior to the 1996 season. Notice their physiques prior to training with Michael Jordan

Jordan had one rule for his two young disciples: Win at all costs. He had seen how his training had turned mediocre minor league players into legitimate MLB starters and he knew if he used it on players as talented as Pippen and Rodman they would be unstoppable. Training began that summer and in 1996 Jordan had two super star teammates with bodies that were now cut from steroid infused granite.

Noticeably more muscular Rodman and Pippen

And so began the NBA Bulls 72-10 NBA Championship season. After winning three more championships Jordan retired for a second time. But Pippen and Rodman were both different people. Under the influence of steroids Pippen would instigate fights and became so self centered and narcissistic that he wouldn't even tip his waiters, becoming known as "no tippin Pippen". Rodman was in countless fights with Karl Malone and even kicked an innocent cameraman during a game. Jordan won his second threepeat but at what cost?

I wish this was the end of the story, but there is one more chapter in MJ's cycle of steroid abuse: The Washington Wizards

An older MJ showing puffy muscle definition caused by retained water after a heavy steroid cycle

Jordan needed a training partner to prepare for the season and was introduced to Ron Artest. Ron at the time was a young rookie who wasn't even old enough to legally drink. But he was tough and provided the enthusiasm Jordan required. Sadly, Jordan's influence rubbed off on Artest.

Ron Artest as a young rookie

Ron Artest after training with Michael Jordan

Ron Artest wasn't mentally prepared for the heavy cycles Jordan introduced him to. This backfired in a way MJ never expected when in a fit of roid rage Ron Artest broke two of Jordan's ribs. Artest later went on to attack a fan during a basketball game in an event known as "Malice in the Palace". That's the risk with introducing steroid to a young person, you never know how they are going to react.

During his time with the Wizards only one player resisted Jordan's controversial methods, a young #1 pick named Kwame Brown. This infuriated Jordan to the point he would use sexually explicit and degrading language towards the 18 year old Brown causing psychological damage that prevented him from becoming the Next Garnett he was projected to be. Eventually even steroids were not enough to keep MJ's game effective at an NBA level. His shooting percentage was falling to almost below .400 and he had to beg Vince Carter to let him start in his last all star game. He was clearly finished. And after failing to make the playoffs for two straight seasons Michael Jordan retired for good, leaving behind a tainted legacy.

Conclusion: Remember this thread is for mature discussion. If anyone has additional evidence of Jordan using steroids or first or second hand accounts please post them in this thread. The sanctity of the game is paramount. Even though many of us idolized Jordan as naive youths, we owe it to the future generations to know the truth about the player sometimes referred to as the greatest of all time.

August 5, 2013

Do You Tip McDonalds

McDonalds employees are forbidden to accept tips, because their corporate masters know what is best for them. Now take your financial planning literature provided too you by them, and accept it. Take it as gospel, because when the true unemployment numbers are to be revealed at 20% your going not even going to be microwaving hamburgers at mcdonalds..much less looking for that precious second job. There will be no jobs. They are going to pop the service bubble like the popped the dot com bubble. The light promised too you at the end of the tunnel won't be there, and you will willingly place the chains upon yourself to get certified in clown college for a degree to work in the madhouse of USA serfdom. Accept it, we are going back to the era of serfs and debt slaves where its all or nothing. You either get the degree to work in the prison, your a prisoner of debt, or you are serving the food in the cafeteria like a good boy.

August 2, 2013

David Stern & George Zimmerman; opposition to free America, Tillman/Webb/Hastings

the order goes out, you're out. out of the club.

Whether it is a CIA hitman coming to blow your jaw off with a shotgun, or your own brothers killing you then trying to lie about all ends the same. Like David gives his minions the authority to pick and choose what stars actually show up to the are in a hamster cage waiting for your turn. Your turn on the wheel. it doesnt matter if you are innocent or not, you are painted with the brush of new America. Home owner or renter, dipped in the bucket of market over saturation. Let it consume you, the disbelieve. the debt thats not meant to be payed back. average citizen thinks he will escape the consolidation. All hail the collective. Its coming to a point where you are not allowed anything bigger then a 16 ounce soda unless it is in the corporate houses of Stern and Goodell. simulate the combat in the arena, bring on the death panels, bring on the abortions for people under 18 without parent consent its a mandate now. The schools are the new parents now, didn't you hear? They are the "co-parents"..and if you kids draws a picture of somebody with a gun? then you are going to get swat teamed for it. In the new America, logic is a menace and truth is fiction. There is no more free speech, there are no more guns rights, the founding fathers were racists.

"its an alt! its a troll! its gotta be a troll!"

Now just stand down, and accept it. Accept that our troops only went to Afghanistan to increase opium production. Accept that the Taliban, and Al Qaeda are on our side now. We give them the weapons, the initiate the Arab spring. We fund them, against us. That is the New America. And if you want to write about it, you are going to get car bombed like its an action movie. It is an action movie to them. They are Arnold, and you are the scum that he is beating down on. Allow the MSM to make everything race based. Keep letting the public schools teach race based liberation theology, funded by we all know whom. It's a good thing. All of this is endemic of where our nation is the top. the top of everything. top unemployment, top personal debt, top national bring top sickness and disease with Obamacare to keep the status quo. Planned parenthood is a good thing. The united nations running sex trafficking rings is just some tinfoil hat garbage though, oh no! dont believe that! the united nations is a GOOD thing!. China to America, "disarm your people, take their guns..we cant come forclose on that debt if every citizen has the right to be armed"....yes, ban ki moon, we will..we will teach the kids to be scared of guns. We will make them think gun right are stupid. We will make Ron Paul the Villain.

"shut him up! admins! shut him up he's trolling! my paradigms are collapsing in on themselves"

White, straight, Libertetian, Conservative gun owners who are for states rights are the terrorists now. They are the new Taliban. They are the new Al Queda. We must shut down free talk radio and limit the free spirit of the internet if we ever want to curb the setting trend of these damn tinfoil hatters. It's racist to disagree with ANYTHING the president ever does. President Obama's favorite sandwich is a corned beef sandwich. From here on out, not liking corned beef sandwiches is racist according to the true big 3..FOX, CNN, MSNBC..but wait? what about the original big 3?

Bosh, Wade, and Lebron are the stars, not you. You aspire to be, but that is the whole endgame of PRISM. To build you up, your expectations to what your life will only put you in a pod at the end of it all. Now go, go back to your American Idol, go back to 'the voice', go back too your Xboxes, playstations, and nintendos.....dont read books, dont listen to the radio..and by God..if you see ANYBODY being critical of the president be sure to call him a racist. Remember, the founding fathers were "old white guys".....nothing more.