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October 1, 2013

Forced: Pop Culture

we are living in a world where people are dying to relate to Dexter. A nation of no morals where killing is "cool" and people think they can just wake up one day and become a God.

Light Yagami cosplay or a Dexter Morgan'll never be a God. Instead, you will pull your computer chair up to the buffet of lies..the crystal ball eye of Sauron wirehead system to link up with the latest Kanye West programming to create false expectations of what life should be.

Kanye sells you the destructive lifestyle, to put you into the private prison, that the record execs who created him are invested's damn near elementary and I have been on this since 1999.

Phoning it in like Simon Cowell, in a world where American Idol is top shelf, and reading books is for "losers".

I can't take it anymore. With each passing minute I feel like Millhouse.


Drain The Blood

Just because you don't understand the purpose of the BPA in the plastics, and the conversion of natural breast feeding to "formula" doesn't mean it's not true. Did I ever state to know more then you? No. But what I will state is that I have read the thousands of pages of PDF, of their white papers and directives..the minutes from round table meetings where top globalists ray kurzweil and zbigniew burzynski think of you as less them are just another number to them. You are a resource unit. That's it.

link! link!'s not true without the link!

put your shoes on and go to the library, kid..i've been on this since you've been in the world of playstations and xboxes.....dr who and breaking bad......x for x but y happens/pony social threads.

At the end of the day, the TV heads and people like you don't count. You are already done for. They have already crossed you out on the list as a victory over you and your progeny.

If you were to go down a check list of what it is to live in a could be able to check all the boxes off one by one...but you won't, because you think you are on the winning team. Well guess what, I got news for're not. By serving the system you think that your going to be allowed into the inner circles when in reality in every instance the people who usher the tyranny in are the first to go.

They kill who ever opens the draw bridge and lets them in..because they hate cowards. They hate me and you because I detest them, and you because they see you as a slug they already own.

Stay in reality, or go jump in the TARDIS with the doc and go quantum jump out into your reality where the government is your friend..and they love you..and they dont text experimental anthrax vaccines on the troops..or didn't kill Pat Tillman or Gary in your world where the private prisons and the black sites don't exist and where mercury in the vaccines are good.

look at all of you...debating non issues. the end game is you dead, and they merge with the computers. i'm sorry, but thats it.

I know it's a little tough for you to understand, but one day it's going to click.

Whats after billions of dollars? owning people? literally shipping people in for your pleasure?

it's beyond life extension's complete transhumanism

equality, rights, none of that matters. We are going back to the roman times of house slaves.

"Draven won the character battle!"

Is what people said the day of. But what about after? Besides the crowning ceremony that has come and gone..we move into the next phase. If you really wanted Link to win, you just have to follow the strategy of Karl Rove and Nancy Pelosi..just keep saying he did until people believe it. According to them, we just have to shout louder then the other side..and look at them? Where is the other side?

See, the shadow puppets that dont even exist among us, rallied a nobody to the top. Where are they now? I can't even say that they are gone because they were never even here. Besides the mandate to transfer actual currency for false digital currency, I propose the free to play/pay to win people start coming out of the woodwork and justify why you are turning real money into "itchy and scratchy dollars" to live a facade that you'll be a millionaire LoL that, i say LOL.

No different then the hip hop or rock and roll machine that presents a dozen hand picked "idols" for you to worship and strive to be. Instead of wanting to be a scientist, astronaut or want to be a drug dealer, a drug addict and now a shut in. They lure you in with false expectations, to get you into a lifestyle that will eventually destroy you. If most of these men had fathers, this wouldn't be happening to them but it's too late because the system already got their fathers and that's how the cycle continues.

Follow their path of misinformation..just keep that screaming Link won, and link the previous years poll as's what Glen Beck or CIA mouthpiece Anderson Cooper would do.

Gamefaqs Messageboards

Seen somebody post that they love marking users..

If you ever needed proof that your neighbors are looking out your windows ready to call the city and report you for not sorting your recyclables then there it is. People have this idea that they can't get ahead without bringing others down, and that's why we find ourselves in the situation that we are in now. If more people would help their neighbor, give a helping hand, and actually had compassion for one another then we could advance as a society.

But they don't want that. They are content with us divided. They seek to sow discord between us so that we will never unite. We live in such a peer pressure driven society that even on messageboards people don't have the nerve to post stuff like this because they think they'll be laughed at or thought of as crazy..well guess what, it is crazy.

When people get involved or exciting in the things that do matter they just can't believe it so they'll lie to themselves and call you a gimmick or a character so they can keep perpetuating the false reality.

Your sons and daughters don't belong to you anymore, they belong to the collective. They are going to teach them in school that hot baths and your car is what is killing the earth in between the dossiers they will be writing about the layouts of your home and if you have any guns in the house.

Your blood was taken from you at birth without your parents consent to be used in creating race specific bio weapons. They have patented your DNA strand. You belong to them.

I'm not special. I am on the same level as you. Unless you are the status of Bill Gates, Ray Kurzweil or Prince Charles hiding behind a screen name on Gamefaqs..then we are equals. Hear my call, you either stand in the camp of the enemy or you stand with us and the republic in the defense of liberty and freedom.

I just want prosperity and our true destiny to unfold instead of what is really headed down the tubes.

*****space odyssey series spoilers*******

What does Arthur C Clarke, inventor of the communications satellite say at the end of space odyssey? we all take microchips and worship Lucifer at the end..

A million simulated murders seen by the age of 5. Drain the blood.

Let the young minds stew in the waters of Rama. Marinate in the heavy metals, and absorb what you were never meant to come into contact with.

An eye for an eye until everybody is blind, like your masters at CNN and FOX trained you.

Restrain the vigilantes, allow the government to abuse you, and turn the xbox on.

More Grand Theft Auto..more Breaking Bad, More Doctor Who.

Put you, in the private prison. 3000 dollars a day is laundered through your county when you are caught using the substances the CIA shipped in

Stick to non issues. Write the truth off as "conspiracy theory" like the cabal has trained you.

Sega Saturn & The Gamefaqs Rich Kids

people who can't think in 3 dimensional terms, people who don't even understand the basic power structure or what the definition of what a conspiracy is. Of course there are people working in tandem to keep you down, to say there isn't is very naive. 

The Manhattan project was a conspiracy. Thousands of people disconnected from each other, yet all working for the final endgame.

The fact that the government operates with incompetence is what you would call a "conspiracy" within itself....but i'll leave that for another day.

You say conspiracy, I say it's an operation.

exactly what I rail against, the collective think tanks that brainstorm policy for their globalist agenda. To even suggest that these groups exist makes people assume "tinfoil".

These groups are real, but you want to live a half truth and think they are just getting together to talk, drink punch and have cookies together. No, they are talking about how to turn the basic TV watching, college going public into people who are depended on the government and can't even feed themselves without the state showing them how.

this is my main gripe with people who tear down what they don't know.

They will mix in whats real, life the council on foreign relations, planned parenthood or the Trilateral Commision and then mix it in with shape shifting reptoids and a bunch of stuff that by association is to make the real stuff look stupid.

dont worry, just keep watching Dr Who and the Breaking Bad, and you'll be okay.

Dont learn skills like how to garden or how to gut a fish, that makes the establishment angry. What really upsets them is that there are Americans who know how to shoot, that are educated on guns and states rights, and that people out there have a will to live.

Don't succumb to their might, their power only existed because they try so hard to prop themselves up.

"character", "gimmick"......all phrases and terms thrown around by weak minded people who believe that there could be no REAL opposition. If something isn't apart of your universe, it's all a game to them.

I dont care what you post or think. You think it's a "gimmick" or "character" because you are too weak to believe that there could ever be a real resistance and in your mind you perceive it as a joke. That's because your the joke. You kneel at the alter of Glenn Beck and American Idol..a wirehead slave to your computer or console..banging on the doors of your masters with fists full of cash fighting over what brand of chains you place upon yourself to be more appealing when in the end it steal who you are, and who you were supposed to be.

Just turn your brain off, and give your body to the globalists. You are their vessel now

The Eye of Sauron, Crystal Balls, Wirehead

Bring attention to the fact that we have all of these foreigners, and the Russian government, the official Chinese government – Mao said political power goes out of the barrel of a gun, he killed about 80 million people because he's the only guy who had the guns – so we did it to point out that this is globalism, and the mega banks that control the planet and brag they have taken over– in Bloomberg, AP, Reuters, you name it – brag that they're going to get our guns as well. They've taken everybody's guns, but the Swiss and the American people and when they get our guns, they can have their world tyranny while the government buys 1.6 billion bullets, armored vehicles, tanks, helicopters, predator drones, armed now in US skies, being used to arrest people in North Dakota.

As tyranny rolls into the country at mach speeds, the cradle of liberty is under assault. It seems apparent that the citizens are staying off the streets, inside on their precious xboxes and playstations, enjoying their nintendos and american idol. This doesn't change anything, even with this year's rule changes. To recap those revisions: women are still worth 10 points more than men in all age brackets to the new world order, but teenagers now rack up 40 points as they are more fertile. There can be no more breeding. Toddlers under 12 now rate a big 70 points. The big score: anyone, any sex, over 75 years old has been upped to 100 points. The coming death panels need the strain to be taken off the system.

Dont you get it? If you stack Soylent Green, Enders Game, and Brave New World ontop of each other then that is exactly where we are going. They have the dump trucks with the scoopers ready, they exist. The children will run the net, and will spy on their parents for the state, the message boards will be official 1 internet ID under Internet 2. The brain syntax, how we think, how we operate will be changed.

Diets, changed. Instincts, change.

Robot reporters will replace mainstream journalists. The newscaster will one day be a cyborg and you won't even know it. See, the AI computers that actually are intelligent: meaning that it can fool you into thinking that its a human. Tens of thousands of companies, link farms, keywords rewriting articles that dont make sense. Stories being written by robots. Government press releases will be re-written.

If you don't tow the line, you won't be given the press releases. A virtual president where its a hologram recording of him. A video simulation. The technology has been held back 30 years from what you know and what they have in the public realm. Everything given to us is a Trojan horse.

Google feeds you what YOU "want" to see. Putting you in your own subgroup where you are in a pool with only your world view.

"The end of humans" decision has been made. You will not be playing volleyball at the beach or watching football games you will be dead.* according to them

the camp followers are not meant to travel to the next level.

OSS black op commander, who wrote space odyssey..what did he tell you? we all take microchips and worship Lucifer at the end of it.

This is what they stand for, this is what they believe in. They don't believe in my expression of humanity, they only believe in there's.

arthur schlesinger, the reality of what we face. the weaponized media of ipads and 24hour TV.

Why do we want to stare into the crystal ball..the interface of a global network....the eye of sauron.

the separation of the gold from the pewter..we are going into the fire, this only the beginning. Are we going to self direct our destiny or are we going to continue to let them run amuck and tack the reigns.

"oh! computers write news articles! oh! holographic president!

the phasing out of reality..taking the false reality and teaching it to the next generation that is reality.

Mind control, you can't escape the screen. The proto-matrix.

See: Wirehead

The secrets of Juptier, The Fourth Reich.

They set up the rat lines, they funnel them in, and deny it.

I know who the next terrorist bomber will be. He works for the FBI and is directed by homeland security. If any "terrorist" made it in the U.S. they would not be targeting civilians, they would be going after the military/political institutions who send drones into their country to murder there children. Anyone with a pulse knows the U.S. government stands alone and is not backed by its own citizens except the ones who live to serve the dark armies of the pale horse. When army bases and cia breeding grounds otherwise known as embassies are attacked it is usually the grass roots rising up, excluding bengahzi, that was an obvious hit where the president left the Ambassador to die.

get a radiation meter, you are going to need it.

when it comes down to it, you are going to wish you had one. Scan the vegetables, see for yourself.....and send your prayers to the west coast.

sneaking suspicion, like many of you, are perceiving we are in the end days now. Fukashima, mouth of the dragon.

If i'm at a outdoor football game or something, and there is 15 porta potties, its not a question of "what one do i drink out of, because that one is bad?"...THEY ARE ALL's a fact that I don't want to drink out of any of them. That's common sense. What our founders taught us. What history shows it us: ITS ALL BAD, i dont want any of it. I'm not signing up to any groups. I want liberty, that's what unifies. A code that we live by: due process, free speech, honored and protected.....that's what I'm into. That's what unifies us as individuals. They don't want that. They want you to think like a group, so you can be controlled. So they can just control people through the leaders of the groups, that's the globalist model. That's what they openly talk about. To begin, Brzezinski written 45 books..all on the subject of how the government controls criminal elements worldwide. That's the rationale for everything from drug dealing to money laundering, the child kidnapping, to snuff films. The excuse is "well that's how we control it, to keep control of it."

No. That's what their into.

If you are really powerful, you'd want to turn humanity loose if you were really confident: the truth is you're not.

The truth is you're afraid.

I light fires in the mind of men like the founding fathers did. Whether they chisel away the lies built upon the mound of deceit, or fall on deaf ears earning nothing but ridicule I can look back and say that I tried to remove people from the compartmentalized box they have been put in. You? You've already chose what you want to be remembered for and I aswell. The line in the sand has been drawn, and I am past the point of no return.

I have kicked things into overdrive, there is no more holding back. There is no more fear of the higher ups at CBS interactive. I just have to lay it all on the line, just like the fathers.

Label me, label me as a gimmick, label me as a "character", but the mods i summon as my witness right now..reveal my usermap. Show them I am for real. To label me as a joke poster is endemic of your own insecurity.

Resist the foreign new world order central banking take over backed by eugenics. It's here.

Lil B Is My Friend 2016

Rolling Stone journalist Michael Hastings, who was killed in a suspicious car crash after complaining that he was being harassed by the FBI, had his home visited by agents from an unnamed federal agency the day before his death.

How much more obvious does it need to be that these goons murdered Mr. Hastings?

Just like Pat Tillman and Gary Webb; point black murder with one reason: to shut you the hell up.

You dont challenge the status quo. You don't challenge America.

You just buy your damn Iphone and accept the government messages being beamed into it. Accept the amber alerts, accept the weather alerts. It doesn't matter if you care or not; you accept the presidential messages through your phone and you take them as gospel.

One day, Obama will be doing face time with you. Telling you to go to the superdome, telling you to cooperate with the troops. Listen, or become dog food for the foreign troops that will be brought into rule us.

All we are is dust in the wind.

Thursday morning, 6:16am sunny skies, 26 degrees. i dont want to burden you, you might have came off of a hard month. me? i'm not starved for topics. Tiger Woods, poised to take a major. Talk about going without? There is going to be competition. Dont follow golf? it doesn't matter, it's not like you follow anything else relevant to the power structure. the field is competitive. i'm not disparaging my peers, but the ranks are tough. shark week: they smell blood in the water..and i come by that credibly. spend millions of fake docs, get people off the beaches into the mainland..agenda 21. the fins of the new world order are charging at you through the water. i'm telling you here and now, be ever mindful and worried about the deadly animals consorting with human beings. no credibility in our society. a child is killed and its being blamed on a damn snake. yes, bicker about that but ignore the black snake of the new world order aborting 53% of blacks before they are born nobody is going to clammer about that..........god have mercy on us all.

New America

McDonalds employee's, you DONT EVER accept those tips..or you will be out of a job
They are forbidden to accept tips, because their corporate masters know what is best for them. Now take your financial planning literature provided too you by them, and accept it. Take it as gospel, because when the true unemployment numbers are to be revealed at 20% your going not even going to be microwaving hamburgers at mcdonalds..much less looking for that precious second job. There will be no jobs. They are going to pop the service bubble like the popped the dot com bubble. The light promised too you at the end of the tunnel won't be there, and you will willingly place the chains upon yourself to get certified in clown college for a degree to work in the madhouse of USA serfdom. Accept it, we are going back to the era of serfs and debt slaves where its all or nothing. You either get the degree to work in the prison, your a prisoner of debt, or you are serving the food in the cafeteria like a good boy.

Bosh, Wade, and Lebron are the stars, not you. You aspire to be, but that is the whole endgame of PRISM. To build you up, your expectations to what your life will only put you in a pod at the end of it all. Now go, go back to your American Idol, go back to 'the voice', go back too your Xboxes, playstations, and nintendos.....dont read books, dont listen to the radio..and by God..if you see ANYBODY being critical of the president be sure to call him a racist. Remember, the founding fathers were "old white guys".....nothing more.

David Stern & G Zimmerman; opposition to free America, Tillman/Webb/Hastings

The order goes out, you're out. out of the club.

Whether it is a CIA hitman coming to blow your jaw off with a shotgun, or your own brothers killing you then trying to lie about all ends the same. Like David gives his minions the authority to pick & choose what stars actually show up to the are in a hamster cage waiting for your turn. Your turn on the wheel. it doesnt matter if you are innocent or not, you are painted with the brush of new America. Home owner or renter, dipped in the bucket of market over saturation. Let it consume you, the disbelieve. the debt thats not meant to be payed back. average citizen thinks he will escape the consolidation. All hail the collective. Its coming to a point where you are not allowed anything bigger then a 16 ounce soda unless it is in the corporate houses of Stern & Goodell. simulate the combat in the arena, bring on the death panels, bring on the abortions for people under 18 without parent consent its a mandate now. The schools are the new parents now, didn't you hear? They are the "co-parents"..& if you kids draws a picture of somebody with a gun? then you are going to get swat teamed for it. In the new America, logic is a menace & truth is fiction. There is no more free speech, there are no more guns rights, the founding fathers were racists.

"its an alt! its a troll! its gotta be a troll!"

Now just stand down, & accept it. Accept that our troops only went to Afghanistan to increase opium production. Accept that the Taliban, & Al Qaeda are on our side now. We give them the weapons, the initiate the Arab spring. We fund them, against us. That is the New America. And if you want to write about it, you are going to get car bombed like its an action movie. It is an action movie to them. They are Arnold, and you are the scum that he is beating down on. Allow the MSM to make everything race based. Keep letting the public schools teach race based liberation theology, funded by we all know whom. It's a good thing. All of this is endemic of where our nation is the top. the top of everything. top unemployment, top personal debt, top national bring top sickness and disease with Obamacare to keep the status quo. Planned parenthood is a good thing. The united nations running sex trafficking rings is just some tinfoil hat garbage though, oh no! dont believe that! the united nations is a GOOD thing!. China to America, "disarm your people, take their guns..we cant come forclose on that debt if every citizen has the right to be armed"....yes, ban ki moon, we will..we will teach the kids to be scared of guns. We will make them think gun right are stupid. We will make Ron Paul the Villain.

"shut him up! admins! shut him up he's trolling! my paradigms are collapsing in on themselves"

White, straight, Libertarian, Conservative gun owners who are for states rights are the terrorists now. They are the new Taliban. They are the new Al Queda. We must shut down free talk radio and limit the free spirit of the internet if we ever want to curb the setting trend of these damn tinfoil hatters. It's racist to disagree with ANYTHING the president ever does. President Obama's favorite sandwich is a corned beef sandwich. From here on out, not liking corned beef sandwiches is racist according to the true big 3..FOX, CNN, MSNBC..but wait? what about the original big 3?