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June 21, 2014

Too Raw for Gamefaqs

you either tow the line with planned parenthood, bill gates funded eugenics, that includes killing babies up to 9 months, Rand Corporation directives that include bringing the third world here to bring down our standard of living and beef up a voting block that will vote to take the guns and bring us back into serfdom under the guise of getting something "free", or else.

Or else what, you ask? The assault of your character.

Branded as "homophobic"....when it couldn't be any further from the truth.
Branded as "racist", because in the new America, it's not racist actions that MAKE somebody a racist, it's the mere accusation that makes it such.....and finally,

Yes, they have divided the clueless masses into two blind sides that will follow anything their false paradigm directs them too.

Red vs Blue.

You shown Pepsi and Coke, and then you act like you actually had a choice in the matter.

You are voting for tyranny low carb, or tyranny low fat......the routes these people seek to take are different, but the paths will ultimately take us to the same destination.

Instead of taking anything I say into consideration, you won't. You are been predispositioned to write any of this off as "tinfoil hat crap" or "trolling." Because remember, on gamefaqs, trolling is merely posting the opposite opinion of somebody else.

To top it all off, I give you the parable of the big 3.

In basketball, there was a force so dominating..they were known as "the big three." They were so powerful, that it was said that only THEY could slam dunk a basketball. Now, it didn't matter if you knew other stars like MJ and Kobe could dunk..because that didn't matter anymore. Even though it was documented in text and film, it is regaurded as conspiracy that anybody outside the big 3 had the skillset to slamdunk a basketball.

Onwards, The Big 3. Fox, CNN, MSNBC. The media pimps of the capital. The Presstitutes of this nation. The inside project mockingbird Rockefeller connection through the two way NSA spy system connection. Unless one of these 3 entites reported the news, then it's not true. Unless what you are linking on this forum is backed up by what the cabals of the new world order is saying, people aren't going to take it with any grains of salt.

We are dealing with people who look at the Illuminati as a actual group of people based out of a Tom Hanks movie. To them, Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian are cutting edge, MUST WATCH tv, and Eisenhower is unknown, the prison industrial complex is unfathomable, and DARPA was metal gear solid fiction.

I don't know what you are asking me to tell you, man. People want to get caught up in strawmen arguements that don't even matter. People want to talk about a fictional list of 50+ genders, while documented world bank plans to destroy our social security and pensions is laughed at and thinly veiled and intertwined with shape-shifting reps and aliens.

I'm on the cutting edge......I'm trailblazing......i'm sticking to my roots but learning new chapters of the depth, scope of control, and field of issues in the very real ever growing new world order while people want to play elitiest troll on a videogames messageboard all day.

I am here to plant seeds in the mind of men. I am here to get the whitepapers out to the public.

I am not here to fall prey to cointelpro.

I am here to expose the liars.

And even by saying this, makes me a marked man. A dangerous man.

They don't want me here, man..talking the real stuff..they want posers refreshing these ads a thousand times over talking about cartoon ponies and looping in circles over issues of class in society.......that THEY created btw..

this is what we asked for, this is what we get