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November 19, 2014

Fedora E-Cig's

Yesterday i was shopping in Trader Joe's when this shitty walking fedora let out a gigantic candy cane flavored vapor cloud right in the middle of the aisle at the cheese section.

First of all: I dont want to smell a fucking candy-flavored cloud ...ever.

Second? I dont want to breathe something that has literally been inside your body. The idea of walking through his cloud that was inside his hot sweaty lungs is fucking disgusting.

Third? I dont want to breathe second hand smoke/vape/whatever the fuck. I dont want nicotine in my body, i dont want propylene glycol in my body, i dont want vegetable glycerine in my body.

anyways, i had a fucking pissy look on my face, so he turned around, noticed, and said "Oh, dont worry, it's vapor! not smoke!" and walked off all smiling and self-righteous. rage.

In all fairness, its not REALLY his fault. Fucking every single e cig box says "SMOKE LITERALLY ANYWHERE!!! EVEN PRESCHOOLS AND AIRPLANES!!" right on the box, you cant blame a retard for believing advertising.