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January 31, 2017

For Dairy Queen Investors

Ok guys time to tell you something I've never told anyone.

I went to Dairy Queen about 3 weeks ago and it made me depressed.

It was one of those Dairy Queens that sells burgers and shit. It didn't look any different than I remembered seeing it 10 years ago (well, they didn't have this game where you drop coins into water to drop onto some platforms and they give the money to starving black babies).

There was this sign there that basically had the whole history of Dairy Queen on it which, frankly, didn't impress me much; Started in the 50s, had about 3000 locations in the 70s, and then in the 2000s it had about 5700 locations worldwide.

Their catalogue of cake decorations had a bunch of out-dated shit (You could get a Shrek cake designed in 2004 or a design from 'Rio' (some Disney movie about a Toucan I very vaguely remember. It was dated 2015).).

Their operating machinery looked old and decrepit. They had these 20+ year old CRTs for holding orders. The receipts said stuff like "DOUBCHE" (for a cheese burger). It would've been a tier 3 place to catch a meal in 2004.

The girl behind the counter was some high-school aged Asian chick... I don't know why it made me so sad to be there; It basically represented everything I fear about getting old. I was only there to buy a cheeseburger and hot fudge Sunday for my mom... That mediocrity basically stuck with me the whole evening. I got triggered BY DAIRY QUEEN

January 30, 2017

Platos Cave: A Photocopy

Help me /b/ I don't know what to do.
>be me, 22 year old living on my own, doing great
>have brother, he seemed okay last time I saw him 3 years ago
>came for his 12th birthday, like 3 kids came, 7-9 year olds. He got a bunch of sonic/minecraft shit
>after party, "Hey buddy, everything okay?" 
>"yeah anon! Check this cool sonic wristband omg!"
>worrying thoughts come to my head, but busy with shit
>I stay over, later I wake up to use the restroom and I overhear my mom crying in her room
>I don't ask, but I can put the picture together.
>dad thinks it's just a phase
>I go and look at my brother's browser history.
>cartoon porn
>my little pony 
>page upon page of disturbing mlp porn and such.
>I try to take him to the park play ball or something, he says he "has plans to watch markiplier" today.
>mfw my brother of my own blood is going in a dark path of autism.

What can I do /b/ ? This happen to anyone else here ? I mostly worry about my mom, watching her soon grow to be... this thing.
>>720764070 (OP)
>mfw op's little brother is a hallucination and is actually a psychological projection of himself [Embed]

January 26, 2017

Trump will publish weekly list of crimes committed by illegal immigrants

President Donald Trump's sweeping executive order on immigration includes a plan for sanctuary cities to publish weekly a list of crimes committed by "aliens."

Under a section on "sanctuary jurisdictions," the executive order called for the Department of Homeland Security to put out weekly a "comprehensive list" of the crimes.

The section of the executive order reads:

"To better inform the public regarding the public safety threats associated with sanctuary jurisdictions, the secretary shall utilize the Declined Detainer Outcome Report or its equivalent and, on a weekly basis, make public a comprehensive list of criminal actions committed by aliens and any jurisdiction that ignored or otherwise failed to honor any detainers with respect to such aliens."

The wording did not make clear whether the "aliens" — foreigners — referred to were undocumented, or illegally in the country.

Trump's executive order called for "sanctuary jurisdictions" to comply with federal immigration law or have their federal funding pulled. The only exception was for federal funding deemed necessary for law-enforcement purposes by either the attorney general or Department of Homeland Security.

During an address to the department on Wednesday after he signed the executive order, Trump said, "We are going to restore the rule of law."

January 21, 2017

BTC was a history lesson

Damn you are blind aren't you?

Bitcoin = dollar = fiat

Dollar (1913 - present day)
Bitcoin (2009 - 2017)

You just lived over 100 years of history in 8 years.

Spoiler: it doesn't work

-pretends to be backed by something
-"better" than gold
-Births a "stock market"
-altcoins = penny stocks
-"corporate" coins emerge
-Bitcoin is king of its exchange domain (cash is king)
-over 600 altcoins = other countries fiat competing with the dollar
-China buys all the Bitcoin (treasuries)
-game over race to the bottom

Fiat cucked bluepilled snowflakes can't you see?

Swamp to be drained and you better hope it will change.

Black swans incoming.

January 20, 2017

Material Wealth

Is material wealth relevant anymore? 

People often compare the economy to a large pie, where you get less if I get more and there's only so much to go around. That might have been relevant a century ago, but since the dawn of the fiat currency, the game has changed. We can derive value from things that aren't limited by tangibility; things like contracts or vidya or just experiences. Money can be created from thin air via the fractional reserve system. Our cash is slowly being phased into electrons in wires and over the air. Does the pie example matter anymore? Have we finally broken the final chains against true progress? Once we overcome fear and anxiety, will growth continue unabated?

I've been thinking about this a lot recently and I'm both terrified and in awe. Please discuss.

>Secret to wealth: Invest in spider funds and hold for thirty years

>>1745189 (OP)
>Is material wealth relevant anymore?

to anybody who is starving, without clean water, impoverished or unable to afford quality housing or amenities, yes. very much

January 19, 2017

Glue Job: Trump Hater

While I don't want Trump in office and want to see him out of office, IMPEACHING him and Pence is the way to go. 

I utterly despise Trump and Pence, but assassination is NOT an acceptable way to go about doing it; it undermines the concept of the peaceful transition of power. As much as I hate Trump, he should be allowed to be inaugurated in peace and safety; as much as I hate it, he DID win the election under the rules present at the time. 

[And while Republican state governments did engage in voter suppression, that's also on the Democrats for not taking a stronger stance against it, not fighting harder against the laws and filing enough lawsuits to try to get them overturned by the courts; we were not proactive enough here.]

I want Trump and Pence removed from office - but I want it by a legal process - such as impeachment - its not realistically going to happen unless he messes up so badly that the Republicans ALSO turn on them - but we need to be a nation of laws and our rules. 

Moreover, if he were killed, that would turn him into a martyr for his cause. That would be a highly undesirable option. We want him to go out in disgrace an ignominy; one despised and ridiculed, not one revered as some kind of hero who gave his life for a cause. Hence, it is infinitely preferable to see him impeached; so that it can be a mark of shame over his legacy into eternity. 

Him being assassinated would basically be one of the worst possible outcomes for our democracy, and I'm saying that as someone who hates his guts. 

He should either serve out his term and then be voted out or more ideally get impeached out of office before that.

January 18, 2017

Fluffy Abuse Skettis

>Be anon
>Be walking through park on day off
>Step in fluffy shit
>Follow shit trail to bushes
>Hear fluffies babbling within
>Clearly a nest
>Lift bushes and reveal dirty, hot pink fluffy with purple mane
>Shit staining the fluff around its ass
>Obviously the culprit
>Filthy fat whore fluffy is hiding a handful of foals underneath her
>Smack her in the face
>Smack again, then grab by throat and hurl into the park
>Hear a satisfying thud followed by that same retarded "huhuhu" crying noise they make
>Grab the healthiest, cleanest looking foal
>Plump little tan thing with a white mane and a budding little horn
>Stupid thing can talk
>"Scawy munsta huwt mummah!" it sobs
>Pisses in your hand
>Enraged, you thwap it in its eye
>"SCREEEE" it shrieks
>You hold it under its forelegs with your thumb and index finger, squeezing it hard enough to inflict pain
>"Huhuhuhu" it moans as you walk towards its filthy fat mother
>The stupid mother fluffy is limping back towards the nest with a clearly busted up back leg, you must have thrown her pretty far
>It sees you and tries to run away
>You swiftly stroll up to her, place your leg on her back and push her down onto her stomach, careful to avoid getting any more of her shit on your shoes
>"WOWSTEST HUWTIES" she screams as the pressure on her damaged leg causes her intense pain
>Tears are flowing from he eyes
>Without a word, you smack her in the back of the head with your free hand again
>Then you grab her by the skull and force her eyes open
>You then tighten your grip on her foal, and hurl the thing as hard as you can into the ground right in front of her face
>You grab her mangled leg and squeeze it again for good measure, making her shriek again
>Then you go to the nearest bahtroom and rinse the piss from your hands and the shit from your shoes and enjoy the rest of your day
>With her limp, the mother and foals will now surely die

January 17, 2017

Qualcomm sabotaged 4G

WiMax = wireless microwave something something = "4G"
LTE = "4G LTE"

they're different technologies. Speeds are fairly similar, though the standards documents suggest that WiMax is faster if you're moving around and LTE is better if you're stationary (i.e. LTE for browsing on your phone at starbucks, and WiMax if you're on a bus or train) but at the end of the day they both put out similar speeds.

Anyway, Qualcomm basically bribed Apple not to make a WiMax phone, and as a result iPhones only ever supported LTE which meant you couldn't get them on Sprint. It ended up killing both Sprint and WiMax.

WiMax also doesn't use a SIM Card, so you can thank Qualcomm if you've ever been inconvenienced because of a SIM.

Rocket Power

HOUSTON - A group of skateboarders were caught on camera draining a homeowner’s pool to use as their personal skate park, police said

The frustrated homeowner said these guys need to be warned, told off and given a beaten from their mother about not doing this on other property.

The homeowner said he wanted to keep his identity hidden. His property has been undergoing renovations for months.

He said while the renovations are in process, the skaters have made themselves comfortable on his property -- more than once.

“You expect this from 15-to 17-year-old high schoolers. Not 25-to 35-year-old adults,” the homeowner said.

He said the first incident happened several months ago when the group drained the pool and used it for fun.

He said he put locks on the gates, but a short time later, a lock was cut, and the skateboarders were back.

“Few weeks after that, they busted the fence, drained the pool again and this time we were out of town,” the homeowner said.

He said about a week ago the skaters dropped by yet again -- this time while contractors were on-site working.

The homeowner said he showed up just as the skaters were leaving, and by the time authorities arrived, they had already fled.

“(I) came as fast as I could. I got some videos of these guys skateboarding and I told them they were trespassing. The moment I said cops, they bolted,” he said.

Now, the homeowner is asking for the public’s help in identifying these unwanted houseguests and passing a message to them: Stay out for good or soon enough, you will be arrested.

“Go do this somewhere else, not in people's personal property. This is home -- personal and private space,” the homeowner said.

January 16, 2017

Lindsay Lohan may have converted to Islam

Lindsay Lohan has sparked speculation that she has converted to Islam after she deleted all of her Instagram posts and simply wrote: “Alaikum salam” (peace be upon you) in her bio.

Reps for the actress have told the Muslim council that she is “in a period of renewal”, with the star first reading the Qu’ran in 2015.

Milo UC Davis event canceled due to leftist anti-free speech violence

Freedom of speech was under attack once again this evening, when hundreds of leftist "intellectuals" interfered with freedom of assembly, many acting out violently. The scheduled Milo event was unsafe to commence and ultimately canceled. 

You can scroll through and view many videos of the atrocious SJW, communists, leftists and liberals' crusade against freedom of speech and assembly.

Another check mark to why this nation needed Trump.

How To Stop Smoking Weed

If i had a dollar for every time Ive heard my friends say the are "quitting" the stuff its a garuntee that they are going to be smoking a ton by next week.

When you tell yourself "Im done smoking, never again" then you create a zero sum all or nothing decision.

As soon as you have a bad day (and eventually you will, every single human on earth does) and slip up and smoke once, you will realize as you are coming down that well "Im a failure, i started smoking again, may as well get higher again to numb the pain and forget".

And thus you have renewed the cycle.

The only friends I know who actually quit where the ones who cut back slowly, until they forget about smoking at all one day.

They cant tell you the day they stopped smoking, they just know that by such and such date they looked back and realized it had been a few weeks since they got high.

Focusing all of your concentration on not smoking is still wasting all of your time thinking about getting high.

You dont stop doing something addicting, you replace it with better shit to do, until one day you dont even think about it at all.

Instead of getting high after work, telll yourself you can get high after you get home from work AND finish your laundry.

Then once thats second nature, start only getting high after you are done with work, finished doing the laundry, AND cleaned your room.

Then one day youll wake up and think woopse i forgot to get high last night, o well, maybe when im done doing all of this today I will.

Why won't people accept Link as a man?

2ylyt 13 hours ago#1
People have easily accepted Mario as a male, why can't they do the same for Link?

There's no point in justifying that Link is an avatar because he isn't. He has his own identity as a male elf. Moreover, he doesn't embody the player. Special snowflakes will find the smallest of loopholes to find their stupid "representation."
If you're willing to make an effort, anything can happen (I hope...)
Hirokey123 13 hours ago#2
Because Nintendo is being wishiwashi and won't just say Link is a defined character of his own. Instead they keep prancing around that he's supposed to be an insert for the player so they can imagine themselves in that role which is why they keep his character to the bare minimum. That's the difference, Mario is a character and Link is a player insert, and since not all players are male the excuse falls flat on its face.

You can't have it both ways you either build a player insert like a player insert, or you build a character like a defined character. When you get this wishi washi middle ground no one is fully happy because then they either have to deal with a character that has the personality of wood. Or they deal with a player insert that doesn't properly represent or feel like them at all.
I've got a quote that embodies you perfectly, but it's seventy-three posts long, has a few massive flowcharts, and lots of Xion-KMA to Me
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2ylyt 13 hours ago#3
Hirokey123 posted...
Because Nintendo is being wishiwashi and won't just say Link is a defined character of his own. Instead they keep prancing around that he's supposed to be an insert for the player so they can imagine themselves in that role which is why they keep his character to the bare minimum. That's the difference, Mario is a character and Link is a player insert, and since not all players are male the excuse falls flat on its face.

You can't have it both ways you either build a player insert like a player insert, or you build a character like a defined character. When you get this wishi washi middle ground no one is fully happy because then they either have to deal with a character that has the personality of wood. Or they deal with a player insert that doesn't properly represent or feel like them at all.

This fact dooes not need to be confirmed to begin with. Mario is a character just like Link is. They both have their own name and designs. An avatar would be a conpletely or nearly blank slate. Just because Link hardly has any dialogue does not mean otherwise.

Those who are aching for representation over a solid character need a major reality check.
If you're willing to make an effort, anything can happen (I hope...)
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January 15, 2017

Funny Bait Response

Chump ass nerd. I know what the f*** I said. I basically said, based on what you've presented to us, it is possible she finds you boring. That is possible to me because of your lame ass responses and lack of responding and how much you seem invested in the chick when you have no reason to be. Why? Because I've seen this scenario many times before. That may not what be what it is, but it could be. I didn't say you are boring, I said she might think you are. At the end of the day, what matters is what people think, because people behave based off of their percieved reality. 

I haven't followed who is who, I don't remember who said what. I know more than anyone it is not always the mans fault, I didn't say or imply that it is. What I said was, your actions, are your fault. Regardless of how she behaved, you didn't have to do the stupid s*** you did. Regardless of how she is behaving, if you still care to speak to her, which you clearly do, then do it the right way instead of something blatantly stupid and then sitting worrying about if she'll respond. Maybe she'd do the same thing, you don't know that, but either way your performance in those specific instances was weak, and it is safe to assume that you've been doing that the whole time. Dumb ass nerd. You said that lame ass s*** about her family when a simple OK would suffice, don't talk to me like you know how to use your brain when you can't even form basic responses to simple s***. I'm actually being far more respectful than your dumb ass deserves. You should be thankful someone like me is giving you advice.

January 13, 2017

Low Quality Bait

Have you heard the name Ralph Elrod? Does his face, pictured below, ring a bell? Have you seen his image anywhere at all? Have you heard his story? Did you see a hashtag about the war on police he waged? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are lying. His image is hard to find. What’s wild is that Ralph Elrod did something truly unthinkable. Like a sniper, he fired at least 50 shots at police in rural Georgia. He shot and killed two officers, Daryl Smallwood and Patrick Sondron, and attempted to shoot three more. If Ralph Elrod was a black man, you’d know him by now. In fact, if a black man fired over 50 shots at police, he’d be dead. When police claimed that they thought they saw a gun with black men like Amadou Diallo and Sean Bell, who were actually unarmed, they fired almost 100 shots at them. But if somehow, a black man fired over 50 shots at police, killed two officers, and narrowly missed killing three more, the Black Lives Matter movement would be blamed. I’d be blamed, President Obama would be blamed, and that black man would be the new poster child for the war on police.

Instead, it’s hard to find a single leader who seems to give a crap about Ralph Elrod. On Wednesday, he was finally indicted and charged with “two counts of malice murder, two counts of felony murder, two counts of aggravated assault and three counts of aggravated assault on three other officers.” Yet, when I search for Ralph Elrod on Twitter, hardly a single soul has mentioned his name in over a month. Conservatives haven’t lobbied for justice online for Officers Smallwood and Sondron. No hashtags have been created like they did in response to the young man who was kidnapped and assaulted in Chicago. Elrod’s face hasn’t been memed and shared. His actions haven’t been blamed on a single soul. The lack of fallout over what Ralph Elrod did typifies modern America. For all the love of law enforcement that we hear from conservative pundits and politicians, it seems like the darker the shooter, the greater the outrage. In this case, Elrod is pretty damn white, so the outrage is nearly non-existent, in spite of the fact that he fired more shots at police than almost any single incident the entire year.

Vegan Cat

Thomas McClellan: Child Killer

A 5-year-old Michigan girl had just asked her stepfather for something to eat when he allegedly "snapped," stabbed her to death and set her lifeless body on fire to cover up the gruesome crime, officials said Thursday. Thomas McClellan became enraged when stepdaughter Luna Younger refused to leave his room after asking him for some food on Nov. 1, Ingham County Det. Chuck Buckland told a judge in Mason, according to multiple local reports. The 25-year-old stepfather told investigators he wrestled Younger to the ground, sat on her hips and stabbed her multiple times in the chest. He then covered the girl's dead body with blankets, poured vodka on the pile and set it on fire, Buckland said. Firefighters were called as flames spread through the ground-level apartment McLellan shared with his wife, Victoria McClellan, who was at work at the time.

McClellan, who does not have a criminal history, has been charged with murder, first-degree child abuse and first-degree arson in Younger's death and could face up to life in prison if convicted. Younger's obituary described her as a "happy kindergartener" who "loved school." "Recess, math and lunch were the favorite parts of her day," the obit reads. "This sweet angel will be missed forever by her family and friends."

Nintendo Switch Memory

The systems default storage/internal memory is 32GB. Second: The max storage Nintendo said is 128GB. Meaning, doesn't matter how much money you spend on SD cards, developers are going to make games that fit 32GB and can't exceed because majority won't go out of their way to buy 200 dollar SD cards. Every game by default must be able to be played within 32GB. That kills off every 3rd Party support from the current gen.

That, and you can say goodbye to basically every AAA current gen 3rd Party game, not that it would get them anyway since this system is weaker than X1.

You're going to get nothing but 7th gen ports and indie games and that's it. Welcome to reality.

EC Musings

The popular myth is that voters in most states wanted Trump and only the East and West Coast wanted Hillary, and that is why he won the electoral vote.

That is only a myth. If every state's electors were proportional to the actual vote in each state, and not winner take all, Hillary would have won the election.

There were 11 states in which neither candidate won 50% of the vote: AZ, CO, FL, ME, MI, MN, NC, NH, NV, PA and WI. All of those were winner take all, and Trump won the EVs from those eleven 102-31. Had they been distributed by the percentage of the popular vote, Trump's edge would be 67-66 and he would have fallen shy of the 270 needed to be elected.

So his EV win was an illusion of the "majority of America supporting him".

The irony is that the last time the popular vote was brought up as a Constitutional Amendment was in 1969, after Nixon narrowly beat Humphrey, and there was bipartisan support for dropping the Electoral College, and the idea was support by President Nixon.

The Amendment passed the House and was defeated in the Senate by filibuster by southern Democrats who supported Wallace in '68, before it could even get to a state vote.

The idea was never seriously brought up again in Congress. Democrats have only themselves to blame for the popular vote not deciding the election.

January 10, 2017

Germany proposes state funded prostitutes for the disabled

The suggestion that the state should fund 'sexual assistants' for the disabled has provoked fierce debate across the country.

"Funding for sexual assistance is conceivable for me," Elisabeth Scharfenberg, who is the spokesperson for the Green party's age and care policy, told the Welt am Sonntag newspaper. "The local authorities could advise on the available options and provide grants."

While controversial, the idea is not completely new. In the Netherlands, sexual assistance for disabled people - provided by sex workers with a special certification - has been available for some years.

Individuals can receive state grants to pay for the service if they can provide a medical note stating that they are unable to get sexual satisfaction in any other way, and to prove that they cannot afford to pay the costs themselves.

In Germany, a growing number of prostitutes are offering their services as sexual assistants in nursing homes, where the 'assistance' might consist of a massage, sexual touching or full intercourse.

However, because there is no official regulation over the job title, these sex workers may not be trained in dealing with people with special needs, such as dementia, physical or mental disabilities.

Scharfenberg's proposal was greeted with backlash from other politicians.

Karl Lauterbach, a Social Democrat (SPD) politician and professor of health economics, told several news publications that the idea behind the proposal was "outlandish". The MP warned against "commercialization of this area" and added that there was no medical necessity for sexual assistance of this kind.

Instead, he said care home residents need more intimacy in their care, and noted that people living with disabilities have a "right to sexuality"

And Scharfenberg's Green party colleague Boris Palmer, mayor of Tübingen, said in a Facebook post that the suggestion made the party seem like "crackpots".

"Why do such adventures always come up in election years?" asked the politician, likening the proposal to suggestions of meat-free days and unisex toilets.

He said that he was looking forward to Monday's local council meeting, and was "quite sure" that no one in his city felt there was an urgent need for sexual assistance in nursing homes.

King Edgelord

ShokuBooda2 days ago

To all the stupid Vegans and Liberals. Humans are the dominant species of living things. We have more knowledge than animals. We have free will. We have religions. Do animals have these things? No. Animals live and die like we humans do as well, but they all do the same thing. We humans are all different people. So as the dominant species we can kill the things lower than us to survive. Why did God make fish? For us to eat it. Why did God make cows, pigs, chickens? For us to eat it. Therefore guilt is not needed for death of an animal. Unless it's the death of a human.

And to all you Vegans out there. If you're so worried about how animals feel, than what about plants? They are livings things, they feel too.

January 7, 2017

Switch Talk

SilentRain16 6 hours ago#26
TalesRevenant posted...
Observato posted...
h3IIfir3pho3nix posted...
People will buy at $299.99, but any more than that and I think there will be serious reservations from people.

I think:

$250 - Chance of true console success.

$300 - Will sell moderately okay, will struggle against both lower-priced 3DSes and older model PS4/XB1 bundles, will never really get its foot in the door market-wise.

Over $300 - Absolutely dead, pack it up, what the hell is Nintendo thinking.

No it has chances of failing at $250 too. Uncharted 4 + PS4 bundle is $250 along with X1. Why would anyone get that over those two especially since those are already established and have a large consumer base? Unlike the Wii U, this is the complete opposite situation. With Wii U they had the advantage over PS4 and X1 since neither of them were out... and they f***ing blew it. This time they have no advantage. They are coming midgen after the two big companies released their own hardware. Not to mention now those companies have released upgrades to PS4 Pro and Scorpio soon. 

So really, who's this thing selling to aside the usual Nintendo fanboys? Why would anyone get this when they can just get a PS4 with a s***ton of more games that are never coming to this anyway? All facts which I'm sure the usual drones here will try to tell me I'm a "Pony" and that nonsense instead of actually taking facts straight to the face then trying to come up with ways to excuse them. Step into reality and stop living in fantasy.

People need to set their expectations right. This thing isn't touching X1 or PS4 nor is it selling like crazy. At best, it'll get GCN numbers. People here really are blinded and delusional into just how much Wii U turned people off from Nintendo. Maybe if you stepped outside of these boards you'd realize Nintendo is a joke among the gaming community and no one cares about them, especially not after the Wii U. Wake up. People are not giving them another chance unless they prove themselves otherwise.

You're all in for a rude awakening come launch day if you're expecting this thing to fly off shelves. Set your expectations right.

It could fly off shelves...depends on price and their presentation/games showcase on January 12 and 13.

If the price is right, AND they can convince people that they're bringing back their glory days (some would say Wii, I'd say NES/SNES were best generations in Nintendo's history - high sales of Wii be damned), people will flock to it.

But they've really gotta bring it.

Edit: I wanted to add, they also need to convince (and actually deliver) people that there will be no major games droughts, that there will be a nice, continuous flow of games releasing throughout it's life cycle. They will really have to make that promise and deliver on that for this Switch to be big.

January 6, 2017


The original source had depictions of nudity among many other things not allowed in alternate releases what you can see from the united stated, or germany, or korea, or france, or really anywhere but the original source is censored to hell.

As far as the game goes the mechanics and importance of exact wording and grammar throughout the years necessitates a constantly expanding understanding of the thirty fucking times they applied "problem solving card text" over the years. When you have one "graveyard" and three different mechanics to get cards into it (destroy, send, discard) which are all treated in the rulings as completely separate concepts each with their own rule-sets, it is easily debatable weather or not the game alone is even meant for children.

Which is a shame because the graveyard rules are some of the least complex in the end.

If it weren't for the games creators constantly wrecking older decks and making strategy count for nothing the game would actually make it look like chess is a bitches game.

January 5, 2017

six reasons why your business is going to fail

1) you don't ask for the money.

2) you aren't selling anything, you have no inventory

3) you have joined network or team in place, of partners, peers, investors, biz people, etc

4) any unplanned expense or costs rise eats into that savings pool.

5) you have no deals on the table, you can't sell or negotiate, you have no leverage.

6) you haven't studied even basic psychology deeply enough. If you understand people, you understand 

business. I think you believe people are more rational than they are, and they will see through your bullshit.

Social Media and News trying to Erase the Chicago Kidnapping From Existing

Twitter has "deleted" many hashtags involving the kidnapping and now #BLMKidnapping has been deleted because it kept trending upwards. It has been replaced by #blmkinapping, without the D, but only because Twitter's auto-suggest would auto-spell that as opposed to kidnapping to prevent it from trending.

I just want to know why Social Media and News outlets wont let white on black crime stories die but one the opposite happens they try to kill it as soon as possible. They did the same exact thing with WikiLeaks and Hillary.

They originally prevented #BrittanyHerring from trending, which is why people changed it to #BLMKidnapping. Yet #GeorgeZimmerman had no problem trending at all as well as all the cities with Cops who killed black people for whatever reason. Riots ensue and they allow that to trend, promoting only more riots to ensue. Media Coverage non-stop.

Here we have a crime where a stolen car was used by 4 black people to kidnap and torture disabled white man for 48 hours. He was harmed physically, cut open, force to drink urine out of a toilet all on camera while the 4 black people bashed him for being white. The result was the police department saying it was just kids being kids and the charge was simple battery instead of grand theft auto, kidnapping, assault and battery, hate crime(white+disabled), domestic terrorism etc

So many crimes committed all on camera and the police say its kids being kids, when they aren't even kids. The few news outlets reporting on are black anchors saying its Trump's fault or that the kids were raised poorly. The main sources to talk about it are censoring it, preventing people from finding out about it.

This is really, really bad and goes beyond just the crime itself.

UnfairRepresent - More Flag Waving, Jan 2017

South Korea is speeding up its plans to create a military force tasked with eliminating Pyongyang's leadership - including Kim Jong-Un - in the event of war.

The special unit was originally supposed to be ready by 2019, but the plans are being accelerated amid a tide of aggressive rhetoric from its rival and neighbour North Korea, which has been threatening nuclear attacks on its enemies.

South Korea's defence minister Han Min-Koo said the special unit, known as the Korea Massive Punishment and Retaliation (KMPR) plan, would now be launched two years ahead of schedule.

"We are planning to set up a special brigade with the goal of removing or (at least) paralysing North Korea's wartime command structure," he told acting President Hwang Kyo-ahn, according to the Yonhap news agency.

He also warned of a "strategic or tactical provocation" from the North in the coming months.

The military unit forms part of a three-pronged defence strategy which includes an anti-missile system - the Korean Air and Missile Defence (KAMD) - which would trace and shoot down missiles heading for South Korea.

There is also a "Kill Chain" pre-emptive military strike programme to counter an imminent threat. Mr Kim used his televised New Year's message to boast his country was in the final stages of developing a long-range missile.

In response, US President-elect Donald Trump tweeted: "It won't happen."

North Korea conducted two nuclear tests and test-fired several ballistic missiles in 2016. It has continued to attempt to expand its nuclear weapons and missile programme in the face of international condemnation and UN sanctions.

But despite the progress, experts believe it is years away from developing an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) fitted with a nuclear warhead capable of reaching the US, a key ally of South Korea.

North and South Korea remain technically at war after fighting ended in 1953 with an armistice, but no peace treaty.


What Sears and Kmart Stores Are Closing? The full list.

Upcoming Store Closures Announced 1/4/2017

Kmart3600 Wilson RoadBakersfieldCA
Kmart25 West Polk StreetCoalingaCA
Kmart333 Sierra StreetKingsburgCA
Kmart363 S BroadwayDenverCO
Kmart2809 North AveGrand JunctionCO
Kmart45 Shunpike RoadCromwellCT
Kmart3200 Macon RoadColumbusGA
Kmart365 Habersham Village CircleCorneliaGA
Kmart1601 Highway 40 EastKingslandGA
Kmart2600 Dodge StreetDubuqueIA
Kmart5700 Gordon DriveSioux CityIA
Kmart3810 University AvenueWaterlooIA
Kmart2851 Belt Line ParkwayAltonIL
Kmart3655 Nameoki RoadGranite CityIL
Kmart750 Indian Boundary RoadChestertonIN
Kmart1460 West State Road 2La PorteIN
Kmart4820 S 4th St TrafficwayLeavenworthKS
Kmart4200 W Kellogg DrWichitaKS
Kmart115 South Airline HwyGonzalesLA
Kmart1400 S Clearview ParkwayNew OrleansLA
Kmart29600 Ford RoadGarden CityMI
Kmart3555 O’Neill DriveJacksonMI
Kmart1396 South Main StreetAdrianMI
Kmart5400 S Cedar StreetLansingMI
Kmart1501 E Apple AveMuskegonMI
Kmart40855 Ann Arbor RoadPlymouthMI
Kmart17580 Frazho RoadRosevilleMI
Kmart3541 Highland RoadWaterfordMI
Kmart165 Wayne RoadWestlandMI
Kmart6455 US 31 NAcme TownshipMI
Kmart1305 Highway 10 WestDetroit LakesMN
Kmart1477 State Highway 248BransonMO
Kmart2304 Missouri BlvdJefferson CityMO
Kmart1003 S Bishop AveRollaMO
Kmart3101 S Glenstone AveSpringfieldMO
Kmart6650 Manchester AveSt LouisMO
Kmart545 US Hwy 29 NorthConcordNC
Kmart1931 Skibo RoadFayettevilleNC
Kmart201 N Berkeley BlvdGoldsboroNC
Kmart102 New MarketMadisonNC
Kmart815 S College RoadWilmingtonNC
Kmart1468 Clementon RoadClementonNJ
Kmart645 Highway 18East BrunswickNJ
Kmart800 Black Horse PikePleasantvilleNJ
KmartRte 9 & Rte 47Rio GrandeNJ
Kmart10405 S Eastern AveHendersonNV
Kmart1500 Coshocton AveMount VernonOH
Kmart185 Upper River RoadGallipolisOH
Kmart1005 East Columbus StKentonOH
Kmart225 West AvenueNew BostonOH
Kmart1284 Brice RoadReynoldsburgOH
KmartI-70 & Mall RoadSt. ClairsvilleOH
Kmart3515 N Maple AvenueZanesvilleOH
Kmart4 East Shawnee StMuskogeeOK
Kmart5820 Shaffer RoadDuboisPA
Kmart1320 E Grandview BlvdEriePA
Kmart1890 Fruitville PikeLancasterPA
Kmart5600 Carlisle Pike US 11MechanicsburgPA
Kmart120 Mall BlvdMonroevillePA
Kmart100 Cross Roads PlzMt. PleasantPA
Kmart3801 B Clemson BlvdAndersonSC
Kmart254 Highway 72 By-PassGreenwoodSC
Kmart8571 Rivers AvenueNorth CharlestonSC
Kmart3020 W 12th StSioux FallsSD
Kmart305 W Economy RoadMorristownTN
Kmart1120 Mc Rae BlvdEl PasoTX
Kmart9484 Dyer StEl PasoTX
Kmart1101 Fort Hood StreetKilleenTX
Kmart3061 S John Redditt DrLufkinTX
Kmart1153 W Highway 40VernalUT
Kmart2010 N Main StLaytonUT
Kmart1419 Hershberger Road N WRoanokeVA
Kmart3655 Plank RoadFredericksburgVA
Kmart6101 N Military HwyNorfolkVA
Kmart1355 West Main StreetSalemVA
Kmart1425 E Highway 151PlattevilleWI
Kmart2211 S Green Bay RoadRacineWI
Kmart1840 Dell Range BlvdCheyenneWY
Sears*Albany MallAlbanyGA
Sears5555 Whittlesey BlvdColumbusGA
Sears1235 S Reed RoadKokomoIN
Sears2259 S 9th StSalinaKS
Sears*9001 Cortana MallBaton Rouge / CortanaLA
Sears*197 Westbank ExpresswayGretnaLA
Sears*3099 28th St SEGrand RapidsMI
Sears*12737 Riverdale Blvd NWCoon RapidsMN
Sears*1850 Adams StMankatoMN
Sears*3600 Country Club DrJefferson CtyMO
Sears3702 Frederick AveSaint JosephMO
Sears*3902 13th Ave SouthFargoND
Sears1000 S Main StRoswellNM
Sears*2000 Brittain RoadAkronOH
Sears*1075 N Bridge StChillicotheOH
Sears*1701 River Valley Circle SLancasterOH
Sears*Richmond MallRichmond HtsOH
Sears428 SW C AveLawtonOK
Sears*1 Susquehanna Valley Mall DrSelinsgrovePA
Sears*1500 Mall Run RoadUniontownPA
Sears*3595 Capital City MallCamp HillPA
Sears*1500 Diamond Hill RoadWoonsocketRI
Sears*2701 David H Mcleod BlvdFlorenceSC
Sears*2101 Fort Henry DrKingsportTN
Sears*4101 E 42nd StOdessaTX
Sears*500 Gate City HwyBristolVA

Announced 12/27/2016

Kmart300 Highway 78 EJasperAL
Kmart2003 US Hwy 280 BypassPhenix CityAL
Kmart3001 Iowa AvenueRiversideCA
Kmart501 N Beneva RoadSarasotaFL
Kmart1801 Northwest Hwy 19Crystal RiverFL
Kmart15271 Mcgregor BlvdFort MyersFL
Kmart2111 S Federal HwyFort PierceFL
Kmart1501 Normandy VillageJacksonvilleFL
Kmart2211 W Irlo Bronson HwyKissimmeeFL
Kmart19400 Cochran BlvdPort CharlotteFL
Kmart4955 Golden Gate ParkwayNaplesFL
Kmart111 Town & Country DrivePalatkaFL
Kmart33 W Montgomery Cross RoadSavannahGA
Kmart4561 Salt Lake BlvdHalawa / HonolulluHI
Kmart191 Outer Loop RoadLouisvilleKY
Kmart2945 Scottsville RoadBowling GreenKY
Kmart14662 N US Highway 25 EastCorbinKY
Kmart1501 Paris PikeGeorgetownKY
Kmart3010 Fort Campbell BlvdHopkinsvilleKY
Kmart1710 West Highway 192LondonKY
Kmart2815 West Parrish AvenueOwensboroKY
Kmart9 Plaza WayFairhavenMA
Kmart1130 Newport AvenueSouth AttleboroMA
Kmart222 N Point BlvdBaltimoreMD
Kmart688 Hogan RoadBangorME
Kmart4645 Commercial DriveNew HartfordNY
Kmart5132 6th AveTacomaWA
Kmart731 Beverly PikeElkinsWV
Kmart1050 Division StreetParkersburgWV
Kmart250 Three Springs DriveWeirtonWV
Sears*301 Cox Creek PkwyFlorenceAL
Sears1901 S Caraway RoadJonesboroAR
Sears90 Elm St; Enfield SqEnfieldCT
Sears*301 Eagle Ridge DrLake WalesFL
Sears*5101 Hinkleville RoadPaducahKY
Sears*262 Swansea Mall DriveSwanseaMA
Sears*10 Whitten RoadAugustaME
Sears*1261 Niagara Falls BlvdAmherstNY
Sears*2000 Walden AveCheektowagaNY
Sears*1 N Galleria DrMiddletownNY
Sears9605 Queens BlvdRego ParkNY
Sears1901 S Yale AveTulsaOK
Sears3245 E State StHermitage/SharonPA
Sears*18600 Alderwood Mall PkwyLynnwoodWA
Sears225 Meadowbrook RoadBridgeportWV
Sears*Towne Center MallCharlestonWV

All stores above will close at the end of March except for the following locations:
Kmart, Cromwell, CT – mid-March
Kmart, Mechanicsburg, PA – mid-February
Sears, Florence, SC – mid-February
Sears, Camp Hill, PA – mid-February
* Sears Auto Center will be closed at this location