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February 25, 2018


Asherlee10 28 minutes ago#75
zinezinzadan posted...
Error1355 posted...
I don't own a firearm because I never got around to buying one. I already have one expensive hobby (gaming). >_>

Holy ****. This may offend you and I apologize for it in advance. Do you have any other hobbies? You must make very little money to believe that. I have numerous hobbies and gaming is the cheapest thing there is. I’ll list off some numbers from the year 2017:

Gaming: (I’ll only go into detail for this one, since it’s important) I bought an Xbox one x, six games, two extra controllers, an Xbox one s on Craigslist for my girlfriend ($150). Then there is fiber internet that I pay for monthly. Now I have a ps4, but that was not bought in 2017 not any of the other games so we can’t include that in the 2017 total. I spent $2k on my pc but that was not 2017. I bought MAYBE 10 games on steam. All in all? $1000-1500 in one year...
Edit: I took out the monthly bills for fiber, since it’s not fair. Internet is used for more than gaming.

Cars: I have easily spent $10,000 on my two cars last year.

Cinema crap: easily $4000 last year. I’ve bought two TVs, the KU6300 didn’t have the “right” HDR so Bought a OLED tv. Then got a new blu ray that supports 4K. I’ve bought more blu rays than Xbox games...
Edit: be4 uneducated people ask: the blu ray in gaming consoles doesn’t give you the real image. It’s a knockoff blu day with disproportional sound, and color.

MMA/gym: I spent more on this than gaming.. it’s stupid how much it costs for training every month. I’ve learned why so many fighters even in the UFC are “scraping by”. Because getting 50k for a fight is nothing when it costs 100k annually for a gym and elite martial arts coaches.

The list goes on. Gaming is one of the cheats hobbies on earth.

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